Apr 032014

Time Waits for No ManWelcome to the last segment in my series called Time Management Basics. Yesterday I talked about Identifying Time Wasters and the importance of not only identifying them but taking direct action to remove them from your daily routine. Now it’s time to discuss the final post in our series. It’s essential to quickly fill the void in your schedule left by eliminating time wasters. Make it a point to fill your daily schedule with a plan to reach your goals and objectives.  As always I appreciate any thoughts of comments that you may offer.

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Apr 022014

Time Waits for No ManYesterday we talked about Evaluating How your use your time now. If you missed it you can click here to review the post. Now that you have a process to help you understand where you are spending your time. You’re now ready to take the action necessary to improve your time management capabilities. Using the activity log that I talked about yesterday will enable you to get a clear picture of where you can make adjustments to your “time budget”. Thanks for joining me for Time Management Basics – Part 3. Remember to leave your comments in the reply box below this post. Now lets move in to our next topic.

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Apr 012014

Time Waits for No ManYesterday I posted the first of a 4 part series call Time Management basics. If you haven’t read it I invite you to take a few minutes to take a quick read so that you are on track to complete this topic. However, if you only have a bit of time this segment can definitely stand on its own and provide a guideline to help you evaluate what you spend your time on  as well as some tips and tools to gain a full understanding of how you can improve your time management and productivity flow.

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Mar 312014

Time Waits for No ManThis morning I had a great conversation with a young student at my local coffee shop. This girl was telling me how stressed she was with all she had going on in her life. Between school and work she explained how she was struggling to find balance. As we continued to talk I realized that, while very bright she lacked a basic understanding of the importance of time management. I began to explain the elementary principles that are necessary to enable professionals and students alike to improve their productivity and find the balance that she was looking for.

This brief encounter made me think about the process that I share with people that I work with to improve their productivity. For some, this process is old hat and maybe considered unnecessary. However, there are many professionals that may need to look back in order to move ahead.

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Mar 272014

MasteryThis morning during my planning time I made a list of all the things that keep me from being productive. I was amazed at how many things I listed that I immediately determined to remove from my day. Things like, fixing a registry file on my computer. We have an IT staff that can take care of these things quickly and efficiently. Being hands on and D.I.Y. oriented is good, but I really needed this realization to kick me back into my top productivity zone. Just because I can doesn’t mean I should. That being said, because I know more than the average computer user I tend to get great service from the IT guys. Well here’s a bit of my journey from the early days. Take a look and leave a note when your done. I always appreciate your candid comments.

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Mar 262014

White knight on a chess board.Everyone agrees that it’s important. Everyone knows that it is essential to lead a business. All of the experts have a lot to say about the subject. But when you try to put a finger on exactly what it means it gets a little fuzzy. What exactly is strategic thinking?

It is hard to find a concise definition for this widely used term, but let me try to define it based on the subject material that I have collected. To get started lets take a look at the key word in the term strategic thinking.

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Mar 252014

Emotional IntelligenceAll of us have emotional baggage of some kind. These are issues that may be connected to our childhood or to a specific painful event. When we allow our emotions to flair up and lash out at others, it is normally a defensive maneuver to protect that emotional scar that is still sensitive. Over time if not resolved this response can become a habit that may define how others perceive us.

I have known some very intelligent people that become trapped in a career where their potential is not met largely because they have not learned the necessary skills to manage their emotions. I recently had a conversation with a department manager that was frustrated that a qualified member of his team was going to be passed up for a promotion, not because of lack of job knowledge or ability, but because of the lack of emotional intelligence. This leader was sad and implied that most of the time this person would do a great job leading and managing. But the executive leadership was not willing to risk promoting this person because of the tendency to erupt emotionally when under pressure.

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Mar 212014

A World of AppsI read a lot about productivity tools and apps. I love to read about what works for other professionals and how they use the wonders of technology to help them produce their work. Today instead of just reading about what others are using I thought I would share my favorite tools with my readers. So here are my top tools that help me do what I do each and every day.

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Mar 192014

Inbox ManagementI consider myself a man of today. I enjoy and appreciate the modern age of communication. I also however get just as frustrated as most of you when I feel that I am wading through digital stacks of e-mail or, paper mail for that matter. I realized several years ago that it was a necessity to develop a process to deal with the constant flow of  data that crosses my desk on a daily basis. This article is the result of input from books, article and a seminar or two over the years. I apologize for not remembering the sources but its kind of a settled brew of experience and external input. I hope it helps you get a handle on your inbox.

Do you ever feel as if you just can’t stay ahead of the flow of e-mail that constantly bombards your inbox? Is e-mail a source of stress that you wish you could “unplug” and do away with? Well let me share a simple principle that will help you to manage the important as well as the not so important flow that wants to eat up your time and energy. Let me give you a tool that will enable you to decide the priority that you want to place on any given correspondence, appointment request, action item, or any other category that you find yourself facing from day to day.

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Mar 182014

Leaders Lead

I still remember the day that I got my first promotion into management. I was so excited! I just knew that I had to implement all of my ideas about how to run things better in the first week. I was ready and my team was waiting. Or so I thought. I am so glad for my boss at that time, she told me there would be plenty of time for change.   She wisely and patiently counseled me to get to know my team before I made even the smallest change. She explained that if my team knew that they ranked high on my priority list that together we could achieve everything on my list. She was right and I sure am glad that I listened. I learned that motivating a team is the most effective way to achieve results. Take a a few minutes to read this post then give me your feedback and suggestions. I really would like to hear your experiences. Blessings!

First Things First

Motivate the behavior others by understanding their internal motivational mechanisms . The best source of motivation is from a personal desire to act and achieve results. The challenge is to inspire people to work individually, or in groups to achieve at their full potential. To accomplish this you must find out what truly motivates each of your individual reports.

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